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Mono of the College

Mono consists of sal trees, bird( Pahari Maina), human beings, domiciles, and nature and eye of God with symbolizing the Society of Jesus at Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

  1. Sal tree is the source of power and bloodline for inhabitants.
  2. Pahari maina,a bird  is the messenger of wisdom and truth which is commonly understood peace loving creature
  3. Human beings, domiciles and nature indicate the present cosmos.
  4. Eye is the vision of Supreme Being.
  5. IHS and Cross signify the liberating mission of Society of Jesus

St.Xavier’s College of Education has a specific vision and mission in this place and across the country.
Teacher students are the messengers of quality life and education which is shown as bird flying from the
trees (residence). This institution is an instrument in the hand of the Supreme Being and Society of Jesus that will see and explore the signs of the world by way of educating and accompanying them in teaching learning process.

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